Apam Global Outreach

Who we are

Apam Global Outreach Incorporation is a non – profit and non – governmental organization registered in the state of Georgia U.S.A and with the federal secretary of states as cooperation, with affiliates in Ghana and other parts of the world t help the society and the needy through a generous mission. Apam global outreach has been in existence since 2012 but was incorporated on 3rd March 2020. We seek support from our worldwide outreach sources to help gather finance to help reach out to the less privileged society.

Our main goal is to mobilize people and funding to support the poor, the needy, and the underprivileged. These include the homeless, the addicts, unemployed, and people hit with a disaster. We also recruit and train volunteers for both national and international missions. Our core mandate is to promote careers such as vocational and educational counseling sessions for the school dropout and those that have lost interest in formal education.

A sector of the world in which we live, find it difficult to afford proper education from the high school level to college. Therefore, with vocational being industrious, it falls on our hearts to help at least the less privilege to at least acquire skills known as the vocational skills or informal education.

Partnership & Ambassadors of Apam Global Outreach Inc.

Christian Nurses Association

Covenant Prayer Line Worldwide

California Ambassador

Vivian Anita Agyapong
+1(310) 497- 2580

New York ambassador

Patrick Aboagye